JLA at IPS Annual Conference 2016

The IPS annual conference attracts over 800 professionals, including microbiologists, antibiotic pharmacists and nursing leaders in infection prevention and control.

JLA’s representatives travelled to this year’s event in Harrogate to showcase our range of infection control solutions, including the revolutionary OTEX laundry disinfection system which has helped thousands of healthcare organisations ensure their laundry infection control worries are a thing of the past.

Our resident scientist was on hand to explain how OTEX eliminates 99.999% of micro-organisms in infected laundry using low wash temperatures and no harsh detergents - a fact which may sound too good to be true, but which is back up by independent studies and acknowledged by the Department of Health.

As well as the laundry disinfection system, JLA also showcased our OTEX ozone technology in the Sanitiser - a portable, easy-to-use room disinfector that eliminates bacteria in the air and on surfaces quickly and safely, allowing for contaminated rooms to be re-occupied in a matter of hours.

To find out more about how our commercial laundry equipment and infection control solutions can benefit your organisation, contact a member of the team today.