JLA Still Growing Strong after 39 Years

On a recent Jobs Report by Channel 4 News, JLA was featured as an example of how, even against a murky economic backdrop, a more positive approach from businesses can aid recovery through recruitment.

Companies like JLA create most of the jobs in the UK, but most are not currently hiring. However, driven by its inherent culture of optimism, this long-established Yorkshire firm is favouring confidence over caution. In fact, the UK’s leading supplier of commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment aims to create around 500 jobs over the next five years, including the two new roles filled in front of the Channel 4 cameras. The search for brand new sales staff, engineers, marketing professionals, project managers and other positions will accelerate the momentum already built up by a company that has been evolving and growing steadily for almost 40 years.

As Andrew Davidson, HR Director explains: “Of course, we invest heavily in technology, product design and innovation. But we believe the most important thing to spend our time and money on right now is attracting new employees who can add real value across the business. Without ideas, energy, fresh approaches and an injection of new talent the danger is that a company becomes stagnant – which would be disastrous in an already challenging climate”. 

Channel 4’s report highlights JLA’s approach to recruiting individuals, but the commitment to growth is mirrored in the company’s acquisition strategy.

Stephen Baxter, CEO of JLA, is a staunch advocate of pushing growth on every level: “In the same way we look to employ the very best people, we look to expand by bringing in the very best businesses to enhance our offering. Acquiring the right ‘candidates’ in an organisational sense means we can improve JLA’s overall capability and do our bit in kick-starting an economic recovery here in Britain.”