The Importance of Customer Service

Times are tough for businesses, but customer service is one area that should never fall victim to budget cut-backs. Here, JLA's CEO Stephen Baxter highlights why companies should invest in customer care rather than neglect it...

Customer service is leading the news. Throughout 2012 and into 2013, the  has seen some of its giants fall victim to the recession. Major chains and independent businesses have all followed each other into administration and, for their competitors and commentators, there was one common theme – a lack of customer service.

I don’t believe that any business, regardless of its industry, can survive for long without strong customer service. Great names are built on great foundations – take John Lewis as an example. Its entire brand is built around its impeccable service and this is prioritised throughout the company.

The same is true in the hospitality industry. Those brands which are building solid reputations for themselves are doing so off the back of phenomenal customer service. They are treating their clients with the upmost respect and seeing them turn into walking brand ambassadors as a result.

We are all operating in tough financial times. With the need to save costs and streamline processes, the temptation to scrimp on customer service is always strong. But adding value by improving service is worth its weight in gold. Quite simply, happy customers are loyal customers.

This philosophy has been at the core of JLA’s work since we launched 40 years ago. Our customers are guaranteed the highest standards in customer service through our Total Care package which sees them receive our commercial warewashinglaundry and sluice room equipment with no upfront costs, an assured 7-day, eight-hour engineer response guarantee and no repair bills, ever.