JLA Launches New SMART Wash Range

The UK’s leading supplier of commercial laundry equipment and services, JLA, has launched a new range of ‘SMART’ washing machines that reduce the energy, water and detergent consumption on a wash cycle. The new range of washing machines reduce energy usage by 32% and water consumption by 23%, with overall laundry bills cut by up to a third.

They are the first products to be launched under the JLA SMART Technology banner, following more than three years of investment and research into laundry washing processes to allow for maximum cost savings with optimum performance.

Stephen Baxter, CEO at JLA, said:

“We know that saving money is at the top of every agenda for all businesses. We also know that quality is just as important and we don’t believe that our customers should have to choose between these two elements.

There has been a gap in the market for machines which really work hard to perform efficiently and effectively. Our customers are telling us that this is what they want, which is why we have invested in the development of SMART Wash.”

Tony Thomas, Technical Director at JLA, added:

“The addition of the JLA Sense absorbency technology to these highly efficient washers means that all washes will be performed as economically and effectively as possible. A good example of this is polyester sheets that absorb very little, a SMART washer will moderate water levels to prevent over-filling and unnecessary utility costs. Alternatively duvets or blankets, which weigh relatively little but are highly absorbent, would not be washed properly if placed in a machine that only factors in the weight of the load, as it would add too little water to the wash resulting in a poor quality wash.”