JLA Launches Catering Division

JLA, already known for market-leading laundry and dishwashing products – as well as its unrivalled service support – has once again evolved its product range to meet customer demand. In answer to feedback from customers across the UK, the business is now offering commercial cooking and refrigeration appliances as part of its fully inclusive supply and servicing solution, Total Care. As with its laundry, dishwashing and sluice-room equipment, JLA’s new range of commercial ovens, combi ovens, commercial fryers, cooktops, fridges and freezers are available with fully inclusive 7-day breakdown cover and a unique 8-working hour engineer response guarantee.  

Stephen Baxter, JLA’s CEO, explains why JLA has expanded its product range: “We speak regularly to our customers, so we understand how vital it is for them to produce high quality, nutritious meals for their residents, guests, customers and staff with the assurance that all of the risks associated with food production and storage are minimised. Based on this insight, we have developed a full range of commercial cooking and refrigeration equipment that will deliver our customers the high performance they demand, along with the reassurance of Total Care so they never need to worry about breakdowns or paying a repair bill again.”  

JLA’s Catering Product Manager Katie Horan continues:

“We’ve seen that although lots of organisations want to install commercial kitchen equipment, it’s often cost-prohibitive do so. Many are tempted by what they see as cheaper headline prices on the high street, but domestic cooking equipment is not up to the job of commercial-grade equipment. It is designed only for low usage; it doesn’t cook food as quickly; it can’t offer consistently high quality; it won’t keep nutrition and flavour locked in; and it can waste a lot of energy.

In terms of storage, high street fridges and freezers simply cannot cope with the heat and constant use of a busy kitchen, making it hard to maintain safe operating temperatures.”  

One piece of equipment in particular that has featured heavily in JLA’s conversations with customers is the combi oven. With 8-in-1 cooking style versatility, this multi-faceted appliance allows steaming, grilling, baking, roasting and much more at the touch of a button, while giving cooks & chefs the heavy-duty reliability they need. Although a must-have piece of equipment in most professional restaurant and hotel kitchens, combis have previously been out of reach for many sites working with tight capital budgets. However, JLA’s long-proven Total Care package makes the combi oven accessible to all, allowing customers to get commercial grade durability, increased functionality, faster cooking times, enhanced nutritional value in food and more energy-efficient cooking for a simple monthly payment.  

JLA has also invested in extra resource to support its new catering equipment customers. Experts in commercial kitchen design and dedicated consultants will ensure the right appliance is matched to their exact requirements, large or small, while development chefs are on hand to make sure every feature of the JLA Catering range continues to make life easier in commercial settings via on-going training and help with menu design.  

JLA is the UK’s leading commercial equipment and service provider, working with thousands of sites to supply and service critical operational equipment for their laundries, sluice rooms and kitchens as well as offering detergents, compliance and safety checks and more. Its success is down to its unique, all-inclusive Total Care package offering customers machines with inclusive 7-day breakdown cover and a 24/7 helpline. Available for a simple monthly payment, Total Care also includes an 8-working hour engineer response guarantee, whereby customers are paid £100 if an engineer is not on-site in that time.