JLA SMART Wash machines make Water Technology List

JLA’s game-changing range of SMART Wash machines is proving its worth to businesses in more ways than one. On top of the potential for combined utility savings of up to 32%, the laundry leader’s latest suite of washing machines has now been formally recognised for its water efficiency, with several models being added to the Water Technology List.    

In short, this means that qualifying SMART Wash machines come with a welcome tax break – with the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme allowing businesses to write off 100% of the cost of Water-Technology-Listed machinery against taxable profits. This can bring significant financial savings in setting up or upgrading an on-premise laundry, and reduce environmental impact at the same time. The ECA water scheme is managed by the Defra and HM Revenue & Customs, (HMRC) in partnership with AEA Technology – and in addition to washing machines, it includes a variety of technologies such as water efficient taps, toilets, monitoring equipment and industrial cleaning equipment.

Making the list

To earn their official status as ‘Efficient commercial and industrial washing machines’, JLA’s SMART 7.5Kg to 30.5Kg machines were required to meet criteria that declares ‘professional washer extractors must be equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the water level and dosage of detergent/chemicals’. This criteria lies at the heart of the SMART range, with intelligent JLA Sense absorption technology – the brain inside every washer – ensuring optimum water usage without compromising on wash quality.

As JLA’s product development specialist Tony Thomas explains, this twin benefit shouldn’t be taken for granted: “We’ve tested, tested and tested again to make sure our machines are as green as possible. But more than that, we’ve focused on what our customers really need day-to-day. As a supplier, we have a duty of care to ensure that efficiency is coupled with quality. We recognise that other listed machines do offer the auto-sensing feature required, but it’s worth pointing out that although qualifying equipment may have the capability to meet WTL criteria, some machines on the list only offer auto-sensing as an optional extra – complete with an expensive premium which could very well wipe out any tax relief made possible by the ECA water scheme. At JLA however, ultra-efficiency comes as standard.”

Quality as well as quantity

In contrast to other machines, which only calculate water and detergent usage based on weight alone and therefore cannot guarantee sufficient ‘wet-out’, JLA Sense detects precisely how much water is needed based on the absorbency of the load. As an example of the impact this has on laundry running costs, a JLA 30 SMART washer used 23% less water than its previous incarnation during extensive independent testing carried out by the internationally renowned Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation.

This is particularly important where hygiene is a priority. While ensuring no water is wasted, JLA Sense also ensures that drum fill levels allow for sufficient exposure of garments to the required thermal disinfection temperature. With savings in the laundry itself, wash quality that sets industry standards and the opportunity to claim tax relief against your profits, buying a SMART Washer really does make Sense.

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