JLA Featured in Boutique Hotelier

JLA's laundry expert Martin Aston was recently posed a question by the hotel sector insiders at Boutique Hotelier magazine - what can hoteliers do to ensure they are getting the best value from their laundry?

In the article, published in the August edition of Boutique Hotelier, Martin explains that although laundry accounts for one of the hotel sector's biggest costs, it unfortunately has no profit potential. He goes on to explain how hoteliers could save time and money - and take back control of the quality of their laundry - by bringing the laundry in-house with commercial washers and dryers from JLA.

There are also useful tips on what to do if you're short on space, and how to make a combination of outsourcing and in-house laundry work best for your establishment.

Read the full article on the Boutique Hotelier website, and contact one of our laundry experts to find out how we could transform the way you look at your hotel laundry.