JLA Launches OTEX Energy

OTEX, JLA’s industry-acclaimed laundry decontamination & infection control solution, has already revolutionised the way many healthcare and care organisations do their laundry. 

Now, this cutting edge laundry solution is being made available to other markets, including the hospitality and education sectors.  

The OTEX Energy system is proven to dramatically reduce your water and utility bills as well as your carbon footprint - harnessing the natural cleaning power of ozone and using less energy and less water on every wash. 

Our eco-friendly solution works to remove heavy soiling such as oils and grease without any harsh chemicals, eliminating 99.999% of harmful bacteria in the wash and prolonging the life of fabrics -  leaving you with softer sheets and fluffier towels.

Contact a member of the team today to find out how OTEX Energy could change the way you look at laundry forever.