JLA Launches Ice Machine Range

Restaurateurs and bar-owners are set to reap the benefits of the fantastic features offered by the new JLA Supercuber ice machine.

Designed to cope effortlessly with the rigorous demands of any busy food & drinks establishment, the JLA ice machine boasts production capacities of up to 3kg (148 cubes) of ice per hour and storage capacities of up to 39 kg (1,950 cubes) of ice.

The thimble-shaped, patented “Gourmet” ice cube is pure, compact, crystal clear and slow melting thanks to built-in features such as the Water Purity System and the Horizontal Spray System, which ensure only the purest particles water are transformed into ice.

Combined with an increased ice bin capacity of up to 50% of daily production, and an easy-to-clean condenser air filter, this piece of kit is a valuable addition to any professional kitchen or bar.

All ice machines on our unique Total Care solution include 2 maintenance visits per year to ensure your ice machine stays in tip-top condition for thousands of cool and refreshing drinks.

Contact a member of our catering team today to find out more or request a brochure.