Meet…Chris, Dialler Manager & MI Analyst

Chris joined JLA in April 2007 as a Contact Centre team member. “I thought was a company with a lot of potential, which was what made me excited to take on the role,” he says. In 2009, he became JLA’s Dialler Manager and MI Analyst, helping to create customer campaigns for the contact centre and keeping track of the hundreds of thousands of calls made per year.

“The role previously didn’t exist at JLA, but they created it when they saw an opportunity for more growth,” comments Chris, “it shows that JLA is willing to invest in people when they demonstrate they have a talent.”

Chris is positive when he talks about the company culture here at JLA: “Every day is a challenge, and I like to be challenged,” he says. “JLA is a place where you need to be ready to think on your feet and work hard, but you’re definitely rewarded for it. I think we’re now starting to realise that same potential I saw ten years ago – and which I still see today.”