JLA is a responsible company that is conscious of its environmental image and the impacts resulting from its operations.

Our strategy is grounded in sustainability with a focus on environmental consciousness. JLA will pursue a sustainable business strategy that has a positive impact on the environment, our customer and the wider society through initiatives in transport and fleet, logistics and operations, supply chain, sales and service and also through customer, colleague and community engagement. We are committed to:
  • Maintaining comprehensive environmental management systems in all of our business activities that are certified to ISO 14001 or equivalent to ensure that we comply with environmental legislation and regulations
  • Promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials in order to use our resources efficiently and reduce waste
  • Measuring the most significant environmental impacts of our business
  • Encouraging our customers to move towards a low-carbon future by helping them to make informed decisions about the use of our products and services
  • Encouraging employees to be aware of their own environmental responsibilities at work
  • Ensuring that we take into consideration the implications for the environment when we make business decisions
  • Developing renewable and low-carbon products and services for our customers
  • Encouraging our suppliers and contractors to pursue environmentally-responsible practices
  • Taking proactive steps to reduce our own carbon footprint as we undertake our business activities
JLA Connected

Make a Difference

A number of new initiatives haven been launched this year under the “Make a Difference” banner. This consist of four streams focussing on sponsorship and donations, local volunteering opportunities, supporting a JLA charity of the year and additional community and national activities such as the annual Christmas shoe box appeal and Comic Relief. This year we have also implemented a volunteering programme gifting each employee with one day per year to take part in a M.A.D organised initiative.

Make a Difference


The Group recognises the importance of minimising its impact on all aspects of the environment and communities in which it operates. The JLA Sustainability Board will meet monthly to discuss initiatives and progress in implementing “green” and sustainable initiatives throughout its business.


  • All vehicles have better fuel economy and reduced CO2 levels
  • All new vehicles have AdBlue to reduce exhaust levels
  • We rae introducing hybrid cars to our fleet


  • All of our engineer jobs are scheduled efficiently, so we don't travel uneccessary miles


  • Working hard with our energy supplier to enure all of our energy comes fromm renewable sources by May 2020
  • Drive to ensure devices are turned off at the end of the day


  • Through recycling our shredded waste, we saved the equivalent of 123 trees in 2018 and have already saved 20 so far this year
  • All of our timber, cards and metals are recycled
  • Our card waste is now recycled on site and used for packaging
  • Alterative waste disposal rather than desk bins
  • Only 3% if our waste is sent to landfill - way below average

Reducing Plastic Use

  • Upgraded our water coolers and provided employees with reusable water bottles
  • Single use water bottles are no longer for sale in the canteen and vending machines to encourage use of reusable plastics
  • Currently sourcing alternative materials to serve ready-meals in our canteen


  • Project underway to replace all of our lighting with LED bulbs - this will reduce our energy consumption by 66%
  • West Brom depot lighting is already replaced
  • Perimeter flood lights at Ripponden are currently being replaced