At JLA, we pride ourselves on having such a diverse and talented workforce at our disposal, and one which is a key driver in the continued growth of the JLA Group.

The business continues to acknowledge that a gender pay gap exists, but the results of our calculations from this year demonstrate the Company’s commitment to reducing the gender pay gap, with all calculations relating to the hourly pay and bonus pay showing a decrease.

It is however, impossible to ignore that a large proportion of our workforce are field based engineers which is a predominantly male based environment, therefore impacting on our gender pay calculations. JLA continues however to explore new opportunities to attract a more diverse engineering community within the Group, and remain confident in our ability to tackle this issue.

Whilst acknowledging there is a gender pay gap, it is also important to remember that steps have been taken to reduce it such as awarding 53% of all promotions to female colleagues, and 71% of the promotions to a manager level were female.

As we continue to pursue growth for the business, we remain committed and determined to reduce the gender pay gap further.

Helen Ashton, CEO