At JLA, we are committed to the wellbeing of our employees and we strive to create a culture in which people are valued based on mutual trust and respect.

We work hard to encourage a positive atmosphere in our company.

Our people matter

  • We recruit people based on their qualifications and abilities to do the job.
  • We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace.
  • We work with employees to ensure communication on matters affecting the company.
  • We recognise and value the potential that individuals of different backgrounds and abilities bring to their work.
  • We believe that employees should be able to return to friends and family safely and in good health after they are done with work for the day.

Workplace Diversity

Our employment policies and practices reflect a culture where decisions are made based on individual ability and potential in relation to the needs of our business – in fact, it’s a key factor in our success.

Employees are not treated less favourably because of age, disability, gender, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including ethnic origins, nationality and colour), religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation or part-time and fixed-term status.

We ask employees to make management aware of any instances where employees are not respecting our diversity and inclusion policies, whether it affects them or someone around them. The matter will then be addressed through the appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Drugs and Alcohol

We rely on our employees’ judgement to work efficiently and safely, and to maintain a lifestyle and behaviour that helps them perform to the best of their ability while at work. Employees whose judgement or behaviour is affected by alcohol or drugs put the safety of colleagues and customers, as well as our business, at risk. We have a clear policy on the misuse of drugs or alcohol as part of our commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment.

We recognise that misusing alcohol or drugs may be considered a medical condition, and we are committed to encouraging employees who are addicted to alcohol or drugs to seek confidential help from our Occupational Health advisors. In line with legislation, no alcohol should be consumed when using company cars or machinery.